Machine Shop Services

Machine Shop Services

Our machine shop is incredibly well-equipped to help repair broken parts, reverse engineer and duplicate them and /or restore them to OEM specifications.

A Focus on Repair Parts

Our custom job shop team can work with customer supplied drawings, setup small batch manufacturing runs, and many times help you make, repair or restore parts faster than OEM lead times.

Strong Industry Experience

We’ve worked extensively with clients in the chemical, manufacturing and automotive industries as well as with wood mills, steel and aluminum manufacturing plants and mining operations.

Expedited Service

A key aspects of our machine shop that client’s value most is our high-quality and expedited service – with our emphasis on repair parts helping to keep their equipment and tooling up and running.

Experienced People

This is all possible due to the highly skilled and experienced people that are on our team in the machine shop. They bring to the table a very diverse range of experiences and strong set of capabilities.

High-End Tooling

To provide a foundation to those strengths, we have invested heavily in our machine shop’s tooling and capacity. As you see below, our CNC and manual tooling capabilities are well positioned to meet your machine shop needs.

Call Us Anytime

Call us to discuss an approach to your custom machining needs. We will put our knowledge to work for you and quickly guide you to a great solution.




Custom Repair Parts

Restore to OEM Spec

Reverse Engineering

Custom Job Shop

Expedited Service

Experienced People

High-End CNC Machining

Hand Tool Machining


CNC Machining Capabilities

CNC Machining 

FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

    • X axis 78.74”
    • Y axis 70.87”
    • Z axis (saddle) 66.93”
    • W axis (spindle) 21.65”
    • Full Contouring B axis rotary table
    • 14,000 lb. weight capacity
    • Renishaw Probe


    FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

    Hwacheon ECOMIL 85VH CNC Vertical Machining Center

      • X axis 78.8”
      • Y axis 33.5”
      • Spindle nose to table height 37”
      • 11,000 lb. weight capacity

    Milltronics CNC Knee Mills 

    • X axis 30”
    • Y axis 15”
    FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

    CNC Turning 

    Hwacheon HiTech 850LYMC CNC Turning Center

    • Swing 41.34”
    • Max. turning length 137.8”
    • Spindle bore bar capacity 6.46”
    • Y axis 8.66” (4.33” plus and minus)
    • Full contouring C axis
    • 12 station live tool turret for milling and drilling
    • 9,000 lb. weight capacity


    FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

    Milltronics ML18 CNC Lathe

    • Swing 18”
    • Between Centers 40”
    FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

    Manual Turning Special Features 

    POREBA TCG-200 Engine Lathe

    • Swing 79”
    • Centers 200”
    • 90,000 lb. weight capacity
    • Capable of cutting long tapers with dual axis feeds
    FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
    FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

    Manual Machining Capabilities

    Tooling Items


      FEMCO BMC110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
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