The Solid Centrifuge Head – Machining precision for flawless solid-liquid separation.

Fun Fact: The solid centrifuge head’s design intricacies play a pivotal role in ensuring up to 98% efficiency in solid-liquid separation, a critical percentage that can significantly affect downstream processes in various industries.

What is this?: The solid centrifuge head, often called the “solids floral,” is an essential component of the centrifuge assembly. It’s designed to separate solids from liquids efficiently. Within its structure, there are specialized plows that scrape and separate the solids as the centrifuge operates, ensuring they are cleanly removed while liquids are directed elsewhere.

Industry Application: This component is versatile and crucial in multiple sectors, including the chemical, energy, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Its function ensures that substances, whether corrosive chemicals or food oils, are processed and refined without solid impurities.

Mouldagraph’s Machining & Fabrication Focus: The piece in this photo is our creation from scratch, showcasing our precision and craftsmanship. It has undergone detailed lathe work to shape it and is now prepped for the milling process for further refinement. We produce parts that are not only accurate in design but also durable and efficient, tailored to the rigorous demands of various industry applications.