Santa’s New Sled: Adding a New Field Service Truck to the Mouldagraph Fleet

10 Tons of Tools and Talent – On the Road for You

As the holiday season approaches, Mouldagraph Corporation has a special gift ready not just for us, but for our valued customers: a brand-new field service truck, joining our fleet to enhance our on-site repair and machining capabilities.

The Need for Enhanced Field Services

Understanding the critical importance of minimizing downtime in industries such as chemical manufacturing, power generation, and construction, our field machining and welding services have been a cornerstone of Mouldagraph’s offering for decades. Our 40,000 sq. ft. machine shop supports 24/7 field services, ensuring rapid and reliable responses to any client needs.

A New Addition to Our Fleet

After a meticulous two-month build and equipment process, our new field service truck is now ready. This addition not only expands our capacity but also demonstrates our commitment to providing the best on-site repair services.

Equipped for Excellence

Our new “machine shop on wheels” is outfitted with:

  • Portable tooling and air compressor
  • Self-supporting power plant
  • Dual 400 amp welding machines

This equipment allows us to perform complex tasks like line boring, O.D. turning, flange facing, keyway cutting, and more, directly at the job site.

Our Commitment to Quality and Quick Service

Mouldagraph’s team of experienced professionals has a track record of repairing and fabricating critical parts efficiently, saving our clients time and money. The addition of the new service truck strengthens our ability to undertake multiple projects simultaneously, further reducing downtime for our clients.

Centrally Located for Nationwide Service

Our strategic location in Nitro, West Virginia, positions us perfectly to serve our local, regional, and national clients. With 50% of the U.S. population within 400 miles of our headquarters, our response time is unmatched.

Ready to Serve

As we continue our journey of growth and excellence, the introduction of our new field service truck is a testament to our dedication to serving the needs of our clients. This holiday season, we’re excited to share this milestone with you, ensuring that your critical equipment remains operational with the highest quality of service.