Recognizing our Leaders

As we continue to expand our capabilities by installing a huge new CNC Horizontal Boring Mill, we want to recognize one of our leaders John Hutchison for making so much of this possible.

John has really distinguished himself by putting his time in energy and knowledge in the working with our partner Agsten Construction who is building and incredibly complex foundation for our new Fermat Horizontal Boring Mill.  John has worked with most every aspect of CNC machining since the early 70’s and served as our CNC Manager here at Mouldagraph for over 15 years, helping build out our machining capacity and talented teams.

John Hutchison

John Hutchison, CNC Manager supervising the foundation build out for the new Fermat CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

An Incredible Foundation for the Mill

A machine as large and heavy duty as this requires a massive foundation to be put in place. John has supervised the excavation and cut out a 35′ x 28′ portion of our shop floor, and helped plan the construction with Agsten of a foundation framework that uses over 10,000 pounds of rebar, 27 tons of crushed rocks and will have 125 yards of concrete poured to support the new Boring Mill. So in the end the foundation is 6-1/2 feet thick of steel reinforced concrete on 2 feet thick compacted rock. It has 5 different elevation levels and has conduit running through the concrete for wiring, hydraulic and coolant lines.  This will give us a nice clean and uncluttered installation.

The New Mill… Bigger is Better: 44,000 Lbs

The new boring mill is going to greatly expand our capacity and ability to handle large heavy pieces of material. It’s a Fermat WFT13 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill with 4 meters (157”) of table travel and 2-1/2 meters (98”) of vertical head travel. It supports 44,000 pounds of material.This is a tremendous step up in capacity and will let us do many more large jobs in a single configuration.