Pusher Basket: Its construction and its pivotal role in centrifuge systems

Fun Fact: Pusher baskets, particularly the advanced ones we repair, can handle rotations exceeding 4,000 RPM. Such high speeds are essential for achieving optimal separation in processes involving particularly stubborn or fine particulates.

What is this? The Pusher Basket, a critical component in certain centrifuge systems, operates by physically pushing separated solids out after the centrifugal process. These baskets are designed to withstand immense forces, especially given the high rotational speeds of centrifuges, and play a vital role in ensuring that separated materials are effectively and efficiently processed and removed.

Industry Application: These baskets find their use mainly in advanced separation processes across various industries, especially where materials are challenging to segregate. It’s vital in sectors that deal with dense or viscous substances, ensuring an efficient and complete separation.

Mouldagraph’s Machining & Fabrication Focus: The pusher basket in this photo is a special project for us. The original part had suffered from metal fatigue and was no longer safe for use. Demonstrating our adaptability, we back-engineered it, crafting a new part that meets, if not exceeds, the original specifications. This endeavor not only showcases our machining prowess but also our commitment to safety and quality.