Field Service Client Success: Argos Cement

One of our regular clients, with operations a couple hundred miles away is Argos USA Cement. Argos is one of the largest cement and ready-mixed concrete companies in the US and operates the mixing facility in Martinsburg West Virginia.

They operate several large crushers and rock reducing hammer mills that work continuously to break down granular materials into cement powder. A rocker arm on one of their hammer mills became worn down through regular use, resulting in a bearing failure and a deadlining that machine. Normally the machine would have to be disassembled, broken down, and the parts shipped to repair facility, resulting in at least a two to three weeks of downtime.

Mouldagraph was able to get our field service team on site in a very timely way and help out. The repair consisted of fixing two bores, in place. Each of these is a big hole, 20 inches in diameter. The work involved getting the precision alignment correct, then welding and building up the material, then machining it back down to OEM specifications. Repairs were completed in less than four days with four shifts on site, saving them 2 to 3 weeks of potential downtime.

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