Advantage Plus Centrifuge Repair

Centrifuge Service

Advantage Plus by Mouldagraph Corporation is an Industry leader in centrifuge and rendering custom fabrication, manufacturing & repair services   Mouldagraph is a recognized leader in repair, fabrication, and manufacturing of centrifuge equipment. Our team brings many years of experience and technical knowledge to each project resulting in fast, reliable services that often save our customers time and money.


Our shop is home to state-of-the-art equipment including more than 15 lathes, with the largest being the Parabola Lathe, used primarily for Centrifuge manufacturing and repair work. Using the latest computerized Hofmann balancing machine, we can ensure each repair or re-manufacturing job will be perfectly balanced to OEM specification. Our team is experienced in reverse engineering and manufacturing of NEW Centrifuge parts with steel, stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, and Titanium. With five boring mills and many other machines, our equipment inventory provides all the tools and technology necessary to ensure the highest quality workmanship for each project.

Process & Capabilities

At Mouldagraph, our team of machinists and technicians can provide full service repair and fabrication in our 44,000 square feet facility or we can work on-site at a customer location.  Our Centrifuge services include complete tear-down, cleaning, and full inspection.  Diagnostics are run on each unit to ensure proper function of all parts and components, including vibration testing. We inspect the entire unit including bearings, gears, seals, bushings and o-rings.  Once the inspection is complete, our team provides a thorough report and estimate to fix and/or rebuild the equipment. We have the capability to rebuild or fabricate replacement parts to OEM specification including gears, bowls, heads, conveyors, feed pipes and etc.  Once the Centrifuge is rebuilt, we provide complete testing and diagnostics to ensure proper function that meets or exceed OEM recommendations.

Mouldagraph can custom fabricate a complete Centrifuge in our facility and we provide ongoing, routine maintenance for any industry.  We serve many rendering and separation facilities across the United States including:

  • Protein Processing Plants
  • Rendering & Separation Plants
  • Waste & Water Treatment Facilities
  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Material Recovery Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Separation & De-watering Facilities  

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